We spent two days with Frederic visiting the left and right banks of the Bordeaux region. Frederic is positively the nicest and most accommodating host we have experienced.

The perfect guided tour for 3 Australian sisters who didn't know much about French wine. Frederic was the perfect guide from the start. Picking us up from the hotel he gave us some interesting facts about Bordeaux.

Our group thoroughly enjoyed the day in the Medoc. Of course the visit to the vineyards and a tour of the various rooms where wine is made and stored met expectations.
The added twist of getting an insider's look at the properties and the processes made for a superb day trip through the area. The fun of playing at being winemakers and blending varietals for ourselves was such an unusual and fun hands-on activity that we all want to go back to Bordeaux just to do that again.

We took the "Becoming a Wine Connoisseur" tour in September 2007 as part of our Honeymoon vacation and highly recommend Frederic's services.
Frederic is an excellent tour guide as he blends his experience of growing up at a vineyard with well-informed commentary and a very approachable personality.

If you really want discover all about the wine of Bordeaux you’d better arrange as soon as possible an appointment with Frederic, your wine tour driver!
We can prove it because we had an unforgettable experience last summer!